Tuesday November 10


Teams of 3
800m med ball run (completed together)
100 du's (30 sec. plank position)
75 Burpees ( 10 push up emom)
50 Dead lifts (185/135) (10 roll outs emom)
25 pull ups (holds in a chin up position on bar; if broken a switch must occur)
1500 m row (10 JAS emom)

One team mate must work, one resting and one doing additional work. May be rotated as the team sees fit. 


Olympic Lifting Clinic is Here!!!

This program is designed to improve technique on both the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk as well as overall strength and body awareness.  Spend six weeks learning the way olympians perform these lifts with 3 time Crossfit Regionals Athlete and Nationally Ranked Olympic Weightlifter Kellie Webster.

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Clinic will run for six weeks on Sat.’s from 12-1pm starting Sat. Nov. 28th.  Cost for members is $140.00  There will be a minimum of 4 people for the clinic to run.  Sign up is available at the front desk.