Our Programs



The emphasis of the Foundations program is on skill development and exposure to the wide variety of CrossFit movements, as well as familiarizing you with the concepts and terminology used in CrossFit. You will be coached two times per week for a total of four sessions on technique to ensure your safety and your success as you progress. Then you will move into two weeks of unlimited classes. This is a pre requisite if you have never done Crossfit.  For more information on Foundations, click here.

Daily CrossFit:

Our Daily CrossFit is just what the name says. Everyday a new WOD, strength and/or skill development will be performed. The emphasis of the Daily CrossFit class is to continue to develop and train the skills learned in the Foundations class as well as push you to achieve your health and fitness goals. The Daily CrossFit classes are best suited for those who are familiar with CrossFit and looking for a class to help them feel and perform better.

Performance CrossFit:

Our Performance CrossFit is geared towards those athletes that are experienced CrossFitters and demonstrate proficiency in all movements. Additional programming will be provided to those that are interested in becoming a competitive CrossFit Athlete or are interested in more challenging sports performance programming. Please let us know if you are interested!

Specialty Programs/Classes:

           Here at Breathe CrossFit we have a number of ongoing specialty classes:

  • Olympic LiftingOur Olympic Lifting class is a 6 week program that meets once a week. Each week, components of the Olympic Lifts will be broken down, drilled and performed by participants. This class is limited in size to allow more focus on each individual by the trainer. This class aims to allow those that want to learn or further improve their olympic lifting skills to focus on technique. All skill levels are welcome. Please see our Rates page for pricing information, our Schedule page for dates and ask us about availability.
  • Nutrition: Our Nutrition class is an 8 week program that will meet once a week. This class will focus on taking the guess work out of nutrition. Clients will learn how to create the proper fuel mix for their bodies and workouts as well as how to make a clean diet fit their lifestyle. Each week will touch on a different subject, everything from how to read food labels, fad diets, grocery shopping and differentiating between the facts and myths out there. Clients will track their food weekly using a journal, which will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Whether someone has always struggled with how to eat or just needs help improving their athletic performance, this nutrition course is for everyone. Please see our Rates page for pricing information, our Schedule page for dates and ask us about availability.