Foundations Overview

Foundations are where you get started.  This is a program that is created to guide you through the fundamental movements of Crossfit.  You will meet weekly with coaches from Breathe on a one-on-one instructional basis.  These sessions will help get you comfortable as you learn the different movements, lifts and scaling options. We understand how intimidating walking into a gym can be, especially when you may have never attempted these movements before. Our Coaches are here to guide you along this new path and help you attain your goals.


What you will learn:

You will:

  • Be instructed on proper body mechanics through basic body weight movements such as squats, push ups, pull ups and sit ups.
  • Be taken through cardiovascular work such as running, rowing, jumping.
  • Be shown how to properly set up and move through more complex Olympic lifts such as Jerks, Cleans and Snatches.
  • Learn how to perform other functional skills such as box jumps, rope climbs and kettlebell movements.

Every movement in Crossfit can be scaled to individual needs based on your fitness level. 


  • As your Coaches, we will discuss your individual goals, aspirations and general needs.  We will help you create and develop a personalized game plan to ensure you attain these goals.

  • We will work with you to help you gain the skills you will need to enhance your body's movement, personalize your nutritional needs and welcome you into a community that will support you through this process.