CrossFit Myths & Misconceptions

 Repost from Columbus Underground

Repost from Columbus Underground

Here is a great article by Mitch Potterf:

"It’s a new year, resolutions are being made and on top of the heap are health and fitness promises. Most gyms will be frantically busy for the next few months until things slow down and all the determination is replaced with excuses.

Chief among the fitness to-do lists is Crossfit. Crossfit is one of the fastest growing fitness programs to hit the industry in a long time and it is not without its myths and misconceptions. So before you make a decision on the subject check these out, then go try it for yourself (because thinking for yourself is good)."

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UPDATE: Since the weather seems to be cleared up for the time being we will be opening this evening from 430p - 830p for OPEN GYM ONLY. Those of you that wish to come in and work on performance programming or do your own work out you are welcome to. Regular class schedule and Open House will begin tomorrow morning at 930a!

Holiday hours this week...

This week we will run the following holiday hours:

Monday 12/30 - regular schedule

Tuesday 12/31- MORNING CLASSES ONLY (5:30a [by registration only], 8:30a, 9:30a, and Ladies only at Noon)

Wednesday 1/1 - EVENING CLASSES ONLY (Foundations at noon, 1-4 Open Gym, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:15p, 7:15p)

Regular schedule will resume Thursday. If you have any questions let us know and have a safe and happy new year! 

The Nutrition Challenge results are in!!!!!!

Congrats to all of you who participated! You all worked extremely hard and we are very proud (and hope you are as well) of all of the progress you made!!! Everyone lost weight and inches and we have some very svelte looking people among us now :)

The results are as follows:

1st place (winner winner chicken dinner) - Alex Hanson! with a total loss of 7.63% of body weight, 10.5 inches, and 4.45% body fat! Way to go Alex and Congratulations!

2nd place- Krysti Pinard! with a total loss of 6.04% body weight, 12.5 inches (!!!), and 3.15% bodyfat! Congrats Krysti!

3rd place- Cheri Coco! with a total loss of 5.10% body weight, 12.5 inches (!!!), and 2.7% body fat! Congrats Coco!

4th- Kate Cox

5th- Annie Hennigan

6th- Matt Evans

7th- Ashlynn Boston

8th- Monti Urnek

9th- Giuseppe Milana

For our top 3 winners...your prizes await you at the gym!! To all the runners guys did great and we hope you keep up the good habits and hard work you learned from the Nutrition Class!

Schedule page



Classes will still be schedule as regular you will just not be able to view the Schedule page. Classes for the today, Saturday and Sunday are as follows:

Friday 12/27

9:30a, 12:15p, 5-7 open gym, 6:30p, 7:30p

Saturday 12/28

9:30a, 10:30-12:30 open gym

Sunday 12/29



New Schedule

Hey Everyone!

Below is the new and improved schedule that will begin Monday Dec. 30th. Based on the feedback we received from you all, this schedule should better accommodate everyone. We also added some new classes AND more open gym times to the schedule! We made these changes to try to alleviate some of the crowding in the evening classes and to bring Foundations specifically back to a Foundations level class for those that need it.

SFH Products Discount

Hey Everyone!

We are going to start a recurring order of SFH products. If you are currently taking SFH supplements and plan on continuing your orders sign up for the recurring order and we will give you 15% off of whatever product you are ordering each month! Orders will be placed on either the 1st or 15th of the month every month (we will let you choose which date you would like to sign up for)! See us at the front desk for more info and to sign up!

BCF Stocking Stuffers!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.53.06 PM.png

Looking for something awesome to give your loved ones this Christmas?! Give them a BCF Gift Certificate! They make a great stocking stuffer and can be purchased in any amount (to put towards drop in fees, punch cards, and even membership expenses) OR you can buy them any membership we offer! Dont forget we also offer one-on-one training sessions. Perfect for the member who is looking to improve technique on any of their skills and want that one-on-one attention with a coach! Or for those of you who feel like they aren't quite ready for the class environment!