Nutrition Challenge Results!!!!!

A big congratulations to all who participated in this Nutrition Challenge you all did an amazing job!   Now, for the results everyone has been waiting for........

1st Place Winner - Brandon Wells with a loss of 3.25% body weight, 9.5 inches and 5.6% loss of body fat!

2nd Place- Marni Ring with a loss of 4.86% body weight, 8.5 inches and 3.7% loss of body fat!

3rd Place- Renee Clavette with a loss of 2.42% body weight, 9 inches and 4.25% loss of body fat!

Way to go you three keep up the great work!

A big shout out to the rest of the participants:

4th- Courtney Griffin

5th- Patty Broderick

6th- Amanda Horgan

7th- Donna Pelletier

8th- Chris Sturgis

9th- Tenley Gillett