Crossfit Games Open and schedule of classes

Hey all,

The Open begins this week (!!!!!) and will continue over the next five weeks. Due to the amount of people at the gym that we have participating in the Open, we will be blocking off time for those who are participating to do the workouts and have judges available to them. Due to the time slots we had to set aside, we will not be having Daily class on Friday at 7:15 or Sunday morning at 9:30 for the next five weeks. If you would like to come and watch any of the participants do the Open workouts we would (and we are sure they would as well) LOVE to have you come and cheer them on! The time slots are listed below and will be the same for the next five weeks:

Friday- 9:30a to 11a AND 7p to 9p

Saturday- 12p to 2p

Sunday- 9:30a to 12p

If you are participating in the Open, please make sure that you have signed up for a time slot prior to Thursday each week! 

We are so excited for everyone that is participating!!!!!