The Nutrition Challenge results are in!!!!!!

Congrats to all of you who participated! You all worked extremely hard and we are very proud (and hope you are as well) of all of the progress you made!!! Everyone lost weight and inches and we have some very svelte looking people among us now :)

The results are as follows:

1st place (winner winner chicken dinner) - Alex Hanson! with a total loss of 7.63% of body weight, 10.5 inches, and 4.45% body fat! Way to go Alex and Congratulations!

2nd place- Krysti Pinard! with a total loss of 6.04% body weight, 12.5 inches (!!!), and 3.15% bodyfat! Congrats Krysti!

3rd place- Cheri Coco! with a total loss of 5.10% body weight, 12.5 inches (!!!), and 2.7% body fat! Congrats Coco!

4th- Kate Cox

5th- Annie Hennigan

6th- Matt Evans

7th- Ashlynn Boston

8th- Monti Urnek

9th- Giuseppe Milana

For our top 3 winners...your prizes await you at the gym!! To all the runners guys did great and we hope you keep up the good habits and hard work you learned from the Nutrition Class!