Olympic Lifts and The Importance of Bar Path

We're constantly bombarding you all with cues during your olympic lifts. Many of these cues revolve around errors in bar path even though it may not be directly evident at the time. Small displacements from efficient bar paths in all of the olympic lifts, especially the snatch can result in a missed lift. The difference of even an inch when the kilos get up makes all the difference. While the pull in the snatch and clean are not perfectly straight paths up, imagine a straight line from where the bar starts straight up. The bar should not come forward of that line in an ideal lift. Watch for the reduction in the efficiency of a lift when the lifter hip "scoops" the bar away, when the weight comes out and away from the torso forward of that imaginary line. The video below has awesome slow motion breakdowns and bar path tracking to show you how little the differences really are. This is one of my absolute favorite olympic lifting videos to watch, it does a fantastic job of reminding one how technical these lifts are. 


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