Barbells 4 Boobs!!!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update... 

As of today we have surpassed our team goal and are at $5,195 and are ranked 52 out of 837 teams!!!! Awesome job everyone!! But dont stop fundraising yet...we still have time before our event THIS Saturday, October 26th.  

We will be doing "Helen meets Grace" and "Carrie". If you have not yet signed up for Helen meets Grace do so ASAP!!!! Sign up sheets are at the front desk. Anyone can sign up and if you dont have a partner yet sign up anyways and we will find you one! 

The event starts at 10 am and is also a Potluck so bring some goodies to share with everyone (and NO it does not have to be can bring whatever you want!!) 

We are also excited to let everyone know that we will have DrasticFIT here with us during the event and they will be giving people who are competitors (those who are doing Helen meets Grace) a sweet deal on their awesome apparel the day of our event! We will also have All Real Meals here giving out samples of  their delicious (and paleo/primal) pre-prepared meals!!!!

SO everyone clear your calendar and come join us for an awesome event to support an awesome cause THIS SATURDAY!!! SAVE A PAIR. SAVE A LIFE.